Talk Featured at the George Washington Numismatic Association

As Fleet Society President I am often asked to give a presentation to members of local numismatic clubs and organizations. Last Thursday, August 11, I was invited to give a talk to the George Washington Numismatic Association here in nearby Washington, Pa. The Association’s President, Tom Uram (who is also a Fleet Society member) introduced me to about 20 attendees which I addressed. My topic was “Coins That Talk”, which included stories about coins that had historic significance. This, of course, included a section on the 1715 Fleet and the coins that were on board the ill-fated fleet when it was consumed by a hurricane on July 31, 1715.

Promoting public awareness of the history of the 1715 Fleet through education is part of our mission. We are very happy to accept invitations to speak to any group (numismatic or otherwise) who would like to know more about the 1715 Fleet and the Society.

Ben Costello, President

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