The 1715 Fleet Society Glossary

1715 Fleet Society Glossary

Hi all, Craig here – web admin for the 1715 Fleet Society.

We launched the new website five years ago with just a few members and since then the Society has grown by leaps and bounds. Today we have more than 100 lifetime members and the site is visited by nearly 5,000 per month.

Our posts, numbered in the hundreds, are reaching more and more people every day. In fact, nearly 1,500 people visit our site each month who have never seen it before. Many of these people are new to 1715 Plate Fleet and its amazing history. For existing members and long-time Fleet enthusiasts, the terminology used on this site is familiar. Some of you even helped to create those terms.  But to the newer visitors, some of these terms can be confusing and don’t show up in any lexicon other than this site.

So, to help make the site more accessible for new visitors (and also future and current members) we’re adding some new technology.

Today, we’re launching a site-wide glossary that will help people better understand some of the terms related to the 1715 Fleet. The glossary is curated by Fleet Society Director Emeritus, Ernie Richards, and Director Ben Costello and includes general terms and also numismatic terms.

When a term that is included in the glossary is used on a page or post of this site, that term will be highlighted. Hovering your mouse over the term pops a tooltip window giving you the glossary definition of that term.

1715 Fleet Society Glossary ToolTip

You can also see it in action right here since I’m using the glossary term “Avoirdupois.” Hover over that word to see the glossary definition. Now you don’t have to pull out a dictionary or watch a Fleet-related documentary to figure out what some of these special words mean.

Once on the glossary page here, you can click on the term name itself and you will then see a full definition and the category of the glossary to which that term belongs; either a numismatic term or a general 1715 Plate Fleet related term. You can then navigate through the glossary, reading through special terms.

Cabin Wreck - 1715 Fleet Society Glossary

As we move forward, the directors will add terms and we will continue to build out the glossary making it the best collection of Fleet related terms on the web. It will also make the site more user-friendly to new visitors and help expand the audience that grows to know and love everything related to the amazing history of the 1715 Plate Fleet.

Thanks for your support of the site and the Society and happy reading!

Craig Grella
Web Admin – 1715 Fleet Society

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