The Research of Stephen M. Workman

The Fleet Society is pleased to introduce our newest member, Stephen M. Workman, Commander, USN (Ret.), of Melbourne, Florida. Following his naval career Commander Workman earned a MA in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology and a PhD in Coastal Resources Management from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. While at ECU he was a volunteer research diver on the Queen Anne’s Revenge wreck site off of Morehead City, NC.

For his PhD dissertation research, he interviewed thirty-five current professionals from the fields of underwater archaeology and treasure salvage, including Bob Marx, Duncan Mathewson, John de Bry, and Greg Stemm. He also conducted a survey of current and former underwater archaeology students from East Carolina University and Texas A&M University. A combined total of 125 students completed and returned the survey.  A summary of the survey results can be accessed here. His dissertation title was “Preservation, Ownership and Access: Key Issues for U.S. Underwater Cultural Heritage Legislation Beyond State Water.”

We found the results to be very interesting. Although the survey was conducted in 2008, it offers a window into contemporary attitudes regarding the current conflict between treasure hunters and archaeologists.

Although the Fleet Society takes no position regarding this conflict, we nevertheless thought that this information should be posted for the educational benefit that it offers.

You can read more about Stephen M. Workman via his bio, here.

Ben Costello, Director.

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