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Treasure of the Month December 2016

Just in time for Christmas is December’s Treasure of the Month…the Parker 75 sterling silver pen set! At first blush, it would seem that this writing instrument could hardly be the stuff dreams are made of. But, actually, this item is all treasure.


In the mid-1960’s the Parker Pen Company came up with the idea of making a special allotment of pens molded from silver recovered from the 1715 Fleet. Parker Pen contracted with the Real Eight Company to purchase four thousand ounces of worn pieces of eight to be melted down into four thousand pens.


The pens have a special inscription indicating that the silver was from was Spanish galleons. The special pens came in a package of two, one fountain pen and one ballpoint. The set came in a wooden box. On the cover of the box was a map of Spanish Florida with an X denoting the location of the lost 1715 Fleet.







A Certificate signed by Kip Wagner certified that all the silver in the Parker 75 pen set was recovered from the Spanish treasure fleet. They retailed for seventy-five dollars, a handsome price for the executive who had everything.


Today these sets are quite rare, especially sets that contain both pens and all of the certifying documents. These images show what a complete set consisted of. How many of these fine writing instruments ended up under someone’s Christmas tree is unknown. But we can assume that whoever did receive these pens as a present could honestly claim that they were a treasure to use.


Images courtesy of Fleet Society member Rick Beleson

2 thoughts on “Treasure of the Month December 2016”

  1. I received both the fountain pen and the ball point with all papers and both boxes for high school graduation in 1970. I had never used them and just recently found them in an old drawer. I did research and found what a treasure I really have.
    I don’t think the ball point has ever drawn a line and I know the fountain pen has never had ink in it. It has 2 or 3 ink cartridges and a converter with it in the box and the fountain pen is in a green felt bag.
    Not really sure of the value but very excited to own these.
    Thanks, Rick

  2. A superb treasure to uncover from one’s own treasure trove. The two pens together are worth almost twice as much as the single fountain pen.

    5 years ago, I sold a single pen in the original box for $795 U.S. The price declined over the next couple of years, but should be with at least in the $475 to $525 .

    Ozzie, Toronto, Canada

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