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Treasure of the Month November 2016

Our Treasure of the Month for November is somewhat of a continuation of last month’s featured treasure, which was part of the great discovery of several hundred gold coins by the Capitana in 2015, only this month’s featured treasure was found one year later. These two rings were found by diver Larry Bacola, a member of the crew of the Capitana, on July 28, 2016, very close to the 301st anniversary of when the 1715 Fleet perished in a violent hurricane (July 31, 1715).

Larry Bacola proudly displays newly recovered rings
Larry Bacola proudly displays newly recovered rings



While a number of very interesting and historic items were recovered this past summer, we decided to showcase these two rings. The two rings, all gold, exhibit the craftsmanship of jewelry makers of the period. One ring has tiny engravings.

Digital enhancement of engraved ring
Digital enhancement of engraved ring

A close inspection will reveal images of fanciful animals, which would support the theory that the engraver had a sense of humor. The other ring with the clasped hands is very interesting inasmuch as it resembles a previous ring featured in our February 2016 Treasure of the Month.

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