September 2019 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for September is this intriguing little 6.9 gram artifact recently recovered (August 10, 2019) near the Corrigan’s Beach  Wreck site north of Vero Beach. This tiny item is a 1/8  inch thick, 3/4 inch square bronze scale weight that features markings on it. One of the most defined markings is a hand. The “hand” symbol could represent the master sign used for Antwerp weights. Antwerp weights, represented by a hand with initials and other symbols, were used during the late 16th to mid-18th centuries, and were most common in the 17th century,. There are additional markings that need further investigation. It is well documented that Antwerp weights were used for weighing gold coins.

This diminutive item was found by Rob Hill of Maritime Research and Recovery, LLC., which is a historic shipwreck recovery company.

Our thanks to Dan Porter, a principal of Maritime Research and Recovery, LLC., for providing the image and text for this post.

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