U.S. Company Granted Salvage Rights

Although our website is supposed to be dedicated to all things 1715 Fleet related we do make exceptions to this general rule. Occasionally we will hear a story about a discovery that is so interesting that we cannot help but do a post about it. Recently, Dave Crooks (member #7) who serves on our Advisory Board as the Society Librarian, sent me a link to a really fascinating story. It appears that in 1875 the vessel SS Pacific sank after it collided with another ship. There were no survivors. It is believed that the Pacific went down with a cargo of 5 million dollars in gold and other valuable artifacts. I have never heard of this wreck, which is why I found it so interesting. The entire story can be found by accessing the link below. As this story develops we will provide updates. Many thanks to Dave Crooks who continually provides much-needed content for our website.

Ben Costello
President, 1715 Fleet Society

U.S. company granted salvage rights to ship believed to contain millions in B.C. gold

by Ben Nesbit, CTV News Vancouver Multi-Media Journalist

A Seattle-based company has been granted salvage rights to a ship containing piles of gold that sank near the B.C. coast in the 19th century.

The SS Pacific collided with another vessel shortly after it departed for a trip from Victoria to San Francisco in November of 1875 and was never seen again. Roughly 275 people, many of them gold miners, are believed to have died in the wreck.

To read the full article on CTV News Vancouver, please click HERE.

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