Update on New Fleet Society Publication

As a follow-up to my post on September 11, we are happy to announce that our publisher has indicated that “Treasures of a Lost Fleet II” will be ready for delivery by mid-October, just in time for our conference at the end of the month in Vero Beach. I will have books available to sell at the conference if everything goes smoothly.

Our Board of Directors has approved the following pricing schedule:


Book #1 – $300.00
Book #2 – $280.00
Book #3 – $260.00
Book #4 – $220.00
Book #5 – $220.00
Book #’s 6-10 – $200.00
Book #’s 11-15 – $150.00
Book #’s 16-20 – $125.00
Book #’s 21-25 – $100.00
Book #’s 26-50 – $60.00
Book #’s 51-100 – $50.00
Book #’s 101-150 – $40.00


Book #1 – $333.00
Book #2 – $311.00
Book #3 – $288.00
Book #4 – $244.00
Book #5 – $244.00
Book #’s 6-10 – $222.00
Book #’s 11-15 – $166.00
Book #’s 16-20 – $138.00
Book #’s 21-25 – $111.00
Book #’s 26-50 – $66.00
Book #’s 51-100 – $56.00
Book #’s 101-150 – $45.00

As indicated in my prior email, the first 25 copies will be signed. As a courtesy to Fleet Society members, the books will be offered to members only and then (after a reasonable period of time) to the general public. Also, many of our members who purchased numbered books in 2017 (after our first publication) may want to buy books with corresponding numbers this time. Therefore, members wishing to purchase a book with a number that corresponds to the book they purchased in 2017 will be given priority for that number. If (again after a reasonable period of time) they choose not to buy a new book so numbered or fail to reserve that number, then that book will become available to anyone who wants to purchase it.

In response to my last email, I have already received 26 requests for book number reservations. There are still plenty of numbers available. Members will have the first choice until advised otherwise, after which the general public will also be invited to purchase a book.

A number of members who joined after 2017 (when the first book was published) have inquired about getting a copy of our first publication, “Treasures of a Lost Fleet”. Since that edition was limited to just 100 numbered copies, there are currently none available. So, a second edition of the first volume is under consideration and more about that will be made available later.

Once our latest conference is over (November 1, 2022) books will be available by mail after November 15. All payments will be by cash or check only. There will be a postage and handling charge since all books will have to be packed so that they are not damaged in transit. They will be sent via USPS. USPS has indicated that a special rate for nonprofits is available. This will be implemented to keep costs to a minimum for book purchasers.

Ben Costello, President, 1715 Fleet Society

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  1. Avatar of William Slat

    Is the book “Treasures of the Lost Fleet II” available to the public yet? I would be very interested in purchasing one when available.

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