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We Need Your Help!

Recently we received an email from Fleet Society member Robert Abberger requesting our assistance. On December 26, 2022, two 1715 Fleet one escudos coins mounted in necklaces were stolen from his car along with other presents. Robert indicated that he was loading his car with gifts right in front of his porch when he went inside to get more packages and by the time he returned (only moments later) the car had been entered and the coins and other gifts stolen. This was heartbreaking for him because he had purchased these coins twenty years before with the intention of giving them as gifts to his two daughters when the right time arrived. The right time did arrive, but he was cruelly denied his dream of giving these precious items to his girls. The police were notified but as of this posting nothing has shown up.

These coins were acquired at the Tampa Auction (Lots 121 and 122) in April 2003. Certificates of Authenticity were included in the packages stolen. Pictures of the coins (in necklaces) are below. Perhaps one of our keen-eyed members might see these coins, maybe in a store or at an auction. Anyone who might come across information that could lead to the coins being returned to Bob are urged to call 724-344-3171.

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