Welcome, Australia!

One of our goals here at the Fleet Society is to expand our membership far and wide. Until recently we had 144 members from 24 US states and, in addition, Canada (Nova Scotia), Puerto Rico (an unincorporated US Territory) and the Cayman Islands (a self-governing British Oversees Territory).

In January, we added Spain to our index of countries.  Now we can add Australia to that list. The Society is pleased to welcome Jeremy Watherston who just moved from Sydney to Nightcliff, NT (Northern Territory), Australia. Nightcliff (pop. 3,853 est.), is a northern suburb of Darwin. It is located on Beagle Gulf (named after the famous HMS Beagle). Our newest member is an avid scuba diver, a novice numismatist, and has a passion for shipwrecks and pirate history. He joined the Society to increase his knowledge of all things Fleet related and to enhance his numismatic education along the way.

Currently Jeremy works in forensic science and operates one of the state’s Forensic Biology Units. We are delighted to welcome Jeremy to the Society as our 145th member and to add another country (actually, a continent as well) to our ever growing membership list.

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  1. Welcome Australia. Just to let everyone know there is a book coming out in October by Capt. Robert MacKinnon from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is called “Queen Anne’s Treasure” about HMS FEVERSHAM, a ship lost in 1711 with pay for troops who were attacking the French in Quebec. He has recovered lots of coinage including rare 1652 New England shillings but most of the coins were very similar to those being recovered from the 1715 Fleet. Having read all of MacKinnon’s previous books this one should be really good. Best to all from (warming up) Nova Scotia. Ray Blakeney

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