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Being a resident from Pennsylvania I can attest to the fact that we in the Keystone State do not have nearly as many genuine treasure tales as Florida. But here is one that has some historic support. The Dent’s Run Treasure is said to be lost in a remote section of North Central Pennsylvania. According to legend, in 1863 a detachment of Union soldiers had orders to transport a wagon containing 26 gold bars. Each bar was said to weigh 50 pounds. The bars were to be transported from Wheeling, West Virginia to Washington D.C. To avoid any Confederate troop entanglements, the detachment took a northern route. The plan was to travel to the village of Driftwood which was on the Sinnemahoning River in Cameron County. There they would construct a raft and navigate down to the Susquehanna River, from there to Harrisburg, and then on to Washington.

The party traveled through Pittsburgh and eventually arrived at St. Marys located in Elk County. They departed St. Marys for Driftwood and were never seen again. In August of that year, the civilian guide attached to the unit wandered alone and hysterical into Lock Haven, located about 40 miles away from Driftwood. He said that all the members of the expedition died in the wilderness and the cargo was lost. The Army’s suspicions were aroused, and the guide was kept under surveillance for several years. Pinkerton Agents were called into the area, but the gold was never found. (Read a Penn Live article HERE for more details.)

Admittedly, there are many skeptics. (Read a Valley Girl Views article HERE.) But if there was never any gold, why did the FBI take such an interest in this site? Perhaps they were just trying out some new construction equipment that the Bureau recently purchased. Perhaps they were conducting a training exercise for new agents. What do you think?

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