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A Census of 1703 H Lima 8 Escudos

1703 H Lima 8 Escudos

Greetings. One of our undertakings here at the Fleet Society is to carry out original research into anything Fleet related. In that regard, I would like to present a recent article written by Fleet Society Director and Academic Coordinator for the Society, Phil Flemming.

Phil is a recognized expert in gold coinage of the Fleet era. In his article, he does an analysis of 1703 H eight escudos gold cobs from the Spanish colonial mint at Lima, Peru. Only seven examples are known to exist.

Phil discusses each example and offers background information into their origins and, where possible, respective values.

We believe that you will find this to be an excellent example of the work being done by the Society to enhance the numismatic knowledge of coinage that is part of the 1715 Fleet story.

Ben Costello, Director

You can download the full article here.



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