August 2018 Treasure of the Month

For our Treasure of the Month for August, we turn to our Research Collection, where this gem of a coin is featured. We chose this coin especially because it is by far one of the most handsome coins in our collection. What makes this coin so special can only be ascertained upon close observation. When seen in person, the observer will immediately be taken by the coin’s strikingly beautiful surfaces. Smooth and satiny, without a hint of corrosion, it is hard to imagine that this coin was exposed to centuries of seawater¬†activity.

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This coin weighs in at 25.8 grams. According to Fleet Society grading standards, this coin would be considered a ” full date” 1715 eight reales. A “full date” designation is considered appropriate because, while all four digits are visible, the first digit is not complete. This is to be contrasted with the highest grade possible, which is a” full and complete date” where all four digits are visible and individually complete.

While other coins in our collection may have more obverse shield and reverse cross visible, what is seen on this coin is particularly sharp and exceptionally well struck. The strike is deep and crisp. The “OMJ” which designates the mint (Mexico City) and the assayer (J) are full and bold. The cross on the reverse, while not complete, is well centered and again, very deeply struck.

What this coin may be lacking in completeness is certainly made up in the detail exhibited by the strike. To learn more about this and other coins visit our Research Collection.

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