Coin World Article Features Lost and Found Treasure Ships

1715 Fleet Society - Coin World July 2021 Cover - Lost Treasure Ships

The July 2021 edition of Coin World Magazine (on sale until August 9) features a very interesting article on Lost and Found Treasure Ships including the 1715 Fleet.

Written for Coin World by Gerald Tebben, the article focuses on coins recovered from various shipwrecks and discusses grading of shipwreck coins, valuation, auctions, salvage stories, and early recoveries. From a numismatic standpoint, it is a very informative and well-written piece which we highly recommend.

For Coin World subscribers we have attached a link to the article. If you are not a Coin World subscriber you might want to think about signing up by going to their website at

The July edition can be found at most magazine stands until August 9. If you cannot find a copy at your local newsstand then you can access a copy like this one on e bay.

Ben Costello, Director

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