DATELINE: Clearwater, Florida – Journey to Cuba

Recently I was contacted by Dana Reed of ASC INTERNATIONAL USA, of Tampa, Florida who is organizing a Cuban Numismatic Heritage Trip in July of this year (see our recent post of June 4, 2016). He reported that Tom Snead, President of Palm Island Coins of Clearwater, Florida, recently had an article published in COINage Magazine about his trip to Cuba in November 2015. Mr. Snead was part of a small group of American numismatists who visited Cuba through a trip that was planned by Dana Reed of ASC INTERNATIONAL USA. Following their trip to Cuba in November, Mr. Snead authored an article which is reprinted here with the permission of COINage Magazine.

This historic trip to Cuba was designed to “re-establish a dialog between the coin collectors and dealers from both countries after a half-century interruption.”

As previously indicated, Dana Reed has arranged a second trip to Cuba for July 8 – 12, 2016. For more information you can contact Mr. Reed at 813-319-7095.

We would like to thank Tom Snead, Ed Reiter (Senior Editor) and COINage Magazine for granting us permission to reprint the article here.

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