DATELINE: Fort Pierce, Florida. Commemorating a Historic Find

Recently I received these vintage photographs from the personal collection of Fleet Society member John de Bry.  These photos capture a truly memorable event from 1988. It was in July of that year that HRD (Historical Research and Development), a group lead by Mo Molinar and John de Bry, made a historic discovery of 110 gold eight escudos at the Douglass Beach wreck site near Fort Pierce, Florida.

Image #1 above shows John de Bry, Tommy Gore, Mo Molinar and friends proudly displaying their recovery.


Image #2 is John de Bry and friend examining a large group of eight escudos.

Image #3 is another image of John de Bry, Mo Molinar and friends with their find.

This July will be the 30th anniversary of the great HRD find of 1988.

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