DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida

News of last Saturday’s discovery of 48 gold coins from the 1715 Fleet wreck site near Sebastian has sparked renewed interest in this unfortunate maritime disaster. This event has also promoted public awareness of the upcoming 300th anniversary of the sinking of this doomed fleet. Promoting public awareness of this event is one of the primary missions of the 1715 Fleet Society. Oddly enough, it seems that many major discoveries of fleet treasure occur in the month of July.  For instance, the personal journal of former Real Eight member, the late Lou Ullian reveals that on Saturday July 3rd, 1965 his crew found 14 silver discs and 1000 silver coins. Another major find occurred on July 31st, 1992, when Captain Stephen Shouppé and his crew recovered 39 gold pieces, all Lima 8 escudos. Although large finds such as these are rare today the recent discovery by Queens Jewels, LLC goes to prove that the 1715 Fleet is still giving up it’s treasure, albeit reluctantly.

Read more about this recent discovery here.

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