DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida – International Conference on the 1715 Fleet in 2017 Update

International Conference on the 1715 Fleet

In a previous post (November 25, 2015), the Directors of the 1715 Fleet Society announced their decision to sponsor another International Conference of the 1715 Fleet in 2017 in St. Augustine, Florida. Society Directors have decided on Flagler College as the venue for the Conference.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, I will be meeting with a representative of Flagler College to see if arrangements can be made for the Society to hold the Conference at Flagler. More information regarding the venue will be provided in a later post.

Efforts are also underway to establish partnerships with other historical groups in the St. Augustine area that might be interested in working with us on this project. Our success in presenting the Vero Beach Conference in July of 2015, has set a rather high standard for future Conferences.

Our next Conference in St. Augustine promises to equal or succeed our last event. More to come on this subject in a later post.

Ben Costello, Director

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