Dateline: Washington, PA – Second Series Commemorative Ingot Price List

Fleet Society Produces Commemorative Ingot Second Series

As a supplement to our most recent post, what follows is the price list associated with our new Commemorative Ingots. These are 1 ounce, .999 fine silver ingots with 10% silver from Fleet sources.

These items are exclusively available only to Fleet Society members until November 15. After that, they will be available to the public.

For Fleet Society members wishing to purchase their choice of ingots  before November 15 you can order by calling Ben Costello (724 344 3171) or e mailing the Fleet Society at

Pre November 15purchases will be by check only. Shipping will be added to the purchase. After November 15, purchases will be on line.

Ben Costello, Director.


Second Series Commemorative Ingot Price List

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