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February 2021 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for February is this assortment of gold rings that were found on various wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet. Of all the jewelry recovered from these sites, rings are the most prolific. Mostly made of gold, they vary in style from plain bands to ornately crafted mini works of art. Our featured treasure is a potpourri of designs exemplifying the spirit of the age. One cannot help but wonder who the people were that owned these rings and their fate. Like all shipwrecks, the items left behind to be found in another age cannot tell us the answer. But we do know this. Despite the passage of time the old owners and now, the new owners share one thing in common. They both cherish these delicate beauties.

To read more about rings recovered from the 1715 Fleet see Treasures of the Month for February, 2016 and November, 2016. Image by John de Bry.

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