Fleet Society Welcomes New Advisory Board Member

1715 Fleet Society Board Member Charlie Winn 2

Upon recommendation and approval of the Board of Directors, the 1715 Fleet Society has appointed Charlie Winn as a new member of our Advisory Board.

Over the last several years, Charlie has been compiling data on cob coinage production at the Spanish Colonial Mint at Lima, Peru. One of the byproducts of his research is the discovery of lost pedigrees. His research is quite valuable to numismatists who are involved in studying the pedigree of Fleet material.

Charlie searches old auction records and matches photographs found in those catalogs to coins that have recently surfaced. Many of these coins can be attributed to auctions that took place years ago thereby establishing a pedigree. His efforts are to be applauded as this type of knowledge can help to trace the origins of many Fleet coins.

You can read more about Charlie here.

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