From the Fleet Society Archives – November 18, 1965

Here is an article from The Daily Times (Melbourne, Florida) published November 18, 1965. (NOTE: It is not a well-known fact but in 1965 the Real Eight Company entered into an arrangement with the Parker Pen Company to manufacture writing instruments from silver recovered by Real Eight. The silver used came from coins that were so degraded by exposure to seawater that they were of no collector value. While many coins could be salvaged, cleaned, and sold some were not. It was of mutual benefit for both the Real Eight Company and Parker Pen to consummate this agreement. The Real Eight was paid for worthless coins, and Parker Pen could cash in on the Great Florida Treasure Hunt hysteria that was highly publicized in many newspapers nationwide. Today, the pens created by Parker are highly collectible and sell for many times the original purchase price ($75.00). For more about these unique pens see our Treasure of the Month for December 2016, HERE).

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