Interesting Real Eight Company Documents Found

Spanish Treasure Found of IRC Coast Newspaper Article

While searching through some old records and documents regarding the Real Eight Company, I came across this article dated July 8, 1965. We spent considerable time trying to ascertain the source of this article but, despite our efforts, we were unable to trace the source. It is interesting for several reasons which is why I decided to feature the article in a post.


First of all, the article depicts Kip Wagner on the deck of his salvage vessel surrounded with large plates which are referred to as “chunks of silver”. In fact they are not silver but copper. The wreck site which the article says is south of Sebastian Inlet is the “Cabin Wreck” which is the only wreck where these large copper plates were found. One of these plates (weighing 64 pounds) was featured as our Treasure of the Month for May, 2014.

In addition, there is an article referencing Steadman A. Parker who first introduced Kip Wagner to the 1715 Fleet. For years Parker asserted that it was he who actually was responsible for providing the information that lead to the rediscovery and recovery of the 1715 Fleet wreck sites. Unfortunately, this newspaper article is incomplete. But, it nevertheless provides a background history of what was being done by others to locate and possibly recover the treasures of the lost Fleet before the Real Eight Company accomplished this feat in the early 1960’s. Much of this background information can also be found in Wagner’s classic book about the Real Eight Company Pieces of Eight, New York, E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., (1966).

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