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Now Featuring “Captain Redbeard”

Greetings Fleet Society Members,

You may or may not have already viewed the most recent post regarding an Armada Chest from the 1600s acquired by one of our members, Joshua Scott (aka “Captain Redbeard”). If you haven’t, click HERE.

Josh Scott is a Spanish Colonial numismatist and enthusiast from Southern California. He operates Commodore Coins & Collectibles, Ltd. with his father Sean Scott where they specialize in shipwreck coins, rare maps, treasure chests, and various arms and armor from the last 400 years. In addition to running an online business, Josh operates Redbeardsrelics (@redbeardsrelics) on Instagram, where he tells engaging historical tales and shares fascinating relics of ages past through 90-second videos and imagery. We are very excited to be collaborating with him in order to feature his captivating and educational content on the 1715 Fleet Society website for all those interested in learning about his acquired treasures.

Click HERE to follow Josh “Captain Redbeard” Scott (@redbeardsrelics) on Instagram. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Josh at

Stay tuned for more exciting content from Joshua “Captain Redbeard” Scott (@redbeardsrelics) to come your way!

Lenore Wetzel

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