October 2023 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for October is part of a larger hoard recovered by Mike Maguire after Hurricane Erin struck the east coast of Florida in August 1995. Erin made landfall near Vero Beach. Mike went out searching the beach in wind gusts of fifty to seventy-five miles per hour. Arriving at Seagrape Trail Beach Access he headed south and in no time, he had a target. Searching near the dune line he recovered almost five pounds of jewelry and other items contained in two gold boxes. Our featured treasure was one of several rings recovered by Mike at that time. It is made of quartz mined in the Muzo mines along with Columbian emeralds. For the complete story of this remarkable find see our Treasure of the Month for September 2021. Also, for another gold box with precious contents see our Treasure of the Month for August 2012. Currently, this ring resides in a private collection.

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