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Previously Unknown Real Eight Pamphlet Found Part II

Last August we posted a story about a recently located rare Real Eight Company Museum pamphlet that was found by Frank Noga (Member #1) of Eastlake, Ohio. As reported at that time this pamphlet was produced by the Real Eight Company to be used in conjunction with the Company’s museum which was located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The pamphlets were distributed during the grand opening of the museum on June 29, 1968. According to Rex Stocker (the last surviving member of the Real Eight Company) there were few made.

Here is another example recovered by Frank, but this time it had a replica 1697 Lima 8 reales glued to the front of it. Frank did some research and found out that these replicas were given to “dignitaries” who attended the Real Eight Museum grand opening. We don’t know for sure who the dignitary was in this case, but we have a good idea. Frank said that he obtained the coin from the estate of a woman with the last name of “Pope”. Frank contacted Helen Ullian who is the widow of Lou Ullian, one of the original Real Eight members, to see if she could recall anyone associated with the Real Eight Company with the last name of “Pope”.  Helen remembered the name but could not specifically identify the person. Our research has uncovered the name of Dr. John A. Pope who was the Director of the Freer Gallery of Art. Dr. Pope was an expert in Asian porcelain and ceramics. He was contacted by the Real Eight Company to examine certain porcelain cups found by the Company.  While we cannot say for sure that this pamphlet was once the property of Dr. Pope, there is certainly strong circumstantial evidence to that effect. The fact that this pamphlet and coin were from the estate of an individual with the last name of “Pope” certainly gives credit to this hypothesis.

In any event, we thank Frank again for his diligence in locating and preserving artifacts and memorabilia from the Real Eight Company specifically, and the 1715 Fleet generally. 

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