November 1966 edition of Tequesta, Journal of the Historical Society of Southern Florida

November 1966 edition of Tequesta

Marion Clayton Link, 1907 – 1995

From the jacket of her book Windows in the Sea (Smithsonian Institution Press. Washington. 1973):

“MARION CLAYTON LINK was educated in her native New York State, receiving a B.S. degree in journalism from Syracuse University. In her years of marriage to [aviation/underwater pioneer] Edwin A. Link she [had] served as an assistant in operations and research on various underseas projects. She is the author of Sea Diver: A Quest for History Under the Sea; A New Theory on Columbus’s Voyage Through the Bahamas with her husband; and has written numerous articles on boating and diving experiences. Mrs. Link [was] a member of the Society of Woman Geographers, Theta Sigma Phi, and other learned and journalistic societies. She [was] a recipient of the Arents Medal from Syracuse University.” The bracketed inserts are mine–ER

Her husband, Edwin Albert Link, was the inventor of the “Link Trainer” which was used to train WWII pilots on the ground, in the safety of a hangar. He later became fascinated by the sea and working beneath it, inventing various dive chambers and submersible vehicles. He was owner/captain of the research vessels SEA DIVER and SEA DIVER II. Along with Seward Johnson, he formed a research center in Florida which wound up being called Harbor Branch Foundation today

You can “Google” his name or Marion’s and find some very fascinating facts about two adventure-filled lives! Yes, he was also a treasure diver, having worked the Sunken City of Port Royal, various old wrecks in the Florida Keys, ancient cities and wrecks in the Mediterranean, and a search for the Concepción of 1641 on the Silver Bank.














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