August 6, 2019 DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida New Fleet Recoveries

We recently received an e mail from Bill Black (Fleet Society member # 93) who informed us of a recent recovery of 1715 Fleet coins and artifacts from the Cabin Wreck site near Sebastian, Florida. His salvage vessel is the C31 “Carib”. The captain is Kym Ferrel and the crew consists of Mike Penninger, Jeff Harness, Richard Rabon, and Andrew Tidball. Bill sent us a number of high quality images of some of the items that were found. We selected and posted a few images for your enjoyment. All of the items depicted were found on July 18, 2019 about 1000 feet offshore in 9 feet of water under 7 feet of overburden.

Given that our Treasure of the Month for August consists of items recovered from the Douglass Beach wreck site near Fort Pierce, we thought that our website visitors might like to know what was being found at the other end of the Fleet recovery area to the north some 30 miles away near Sebastian.

Our thanks to Bill for taking the time to send us these fine pictures. Incidentally, Bill Black is the owner of Search and Salvage. His company operates out of Sebastian, Florida.

Two nicely encrusted Mexico 8 reales.


Two coin “clump” of Mexico 8 reales.


Opposite view of two coin “clump” (above).


Group of partially encrusted Mexico 8 reales (shield side) fresh from the sea.


Same group as above, cross side.


Nice four coin “clump”.


Fully encrusted 8 reales from Spain with what appears to be a full date (1617).


4 thoughts on “August 6, 2019 DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida New Fleet Recoveries”

  1. Avatar of Wendy

    THE most awesome collection…..l wear the color green well…….WOW!!!
    I live in ft. Pierce and use my Tesoro weekly….nothing good yet……..thanks for allowing me/us to see your wonderful collection!!!!

  2. Avatar of Bill Black

    Thanks for the kind words, Ben. It was a very good day aboard the Carib. I was particularly happy that Captain Kym was blessed with a good find this summer. He has been working these sites for many years and is planning on standing down next year due to ill health.
    Additionally, I would like to correct an oversight on my part. Maryellen Twitchell is also a full time crew member who
    had taken the day off to attend to other business.

    1. Avatar of Ben Costello

      Bill. Thank you for your e mail and a big THANKS for letting me post the story. I can add Maryellen Twitchell to the post if you would like. Just let me know. My IT guy can easily do that.


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