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The Coin Market

John Pullin

As we have all witnessed, the last 18 months have exhibited a dramatic increase in the prices collectors and investors have paid for quality coins. This phenomena is not only visible in the numismatic arena...

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August 2021 Treasure of the Month

August’s Treasure of the Month is a group of Spanish silver reales from the 1715 Fleet collected by a long time resident of Florida’s renowned Treasure Coast. Our collector was not especially sophisticated in numismatics...

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July 2021 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for July is courtesy of Frank Noga of Eastlake, Ohio. Frank acquired this cute little artifact from the legendary Tommy Gore who worked during the heyday of recovery operations in...

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1715 Fleet Society Website Analytics

Hi Fleet Society Members, this is Craig, web admin, here. Ben asked me to post a quick note about Fleet Society analytics, which this post includes, along with some additional information about recent updates with...

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An Old Argument Continues…

Recently, while searching through some archival material that we secured a number of years ago, I came across an interesting article  from September, 1966. It appeared  in the official publication of the Florida Secretary of...

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