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Recently we heard from Jeremy Watherston (Member # 145) from Brisbane, Australia regarding a new acquisition he wanted to share with us. He was fortunate to acquire a really nice aggregate or “clump” from the 1715 Fleet. Our little beauty weighs in at a respectable 150 grama (O.331 pounds) and is 4”x 2”x 1.6”. Consisting of brass nails and a spike, the aggregate is held together by ocean deposits forming a cement-like bond. It offers varying shades of browns and tans that add to its wonderful appeal.

Aggregate with the head of a brass nail showing.
Side view of a spike running through the aggregate.
Angled view of aggregate with brass nails and a spike.
Multiple nails and a spike running through the aggregate.

Over the years we have featured many encrusted objects, some containing coins, valuable artifacts, or, like this one, common objects. Regardless of what they contain, encrusted objects are one of the most fascinating items recovered from the wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet.

Many thanks to Jeremy for sharing his latest addition to his collection of Fleet artifacts.

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