Historical Images from 1715 Fleet Gold Coins, Part 1… Eight Escudos

As a follow up to our previous posting in October 2017 titled Historical Images from the 1715 Fleet, we presented a number of images that we recently recovered from a large collection of documents and related material that was purchased by the Society a number of months ago.

There we featured artifacts that were recovered from the Cabin Wreck site and the Douglass Beach Wreck site.

Today’s post deals with gold coins recovered from the Douglass Beach Wreck site by the HRD Company (Historical Research and Development) in 1988. Over 800 gold coins were found in the summer of that year.

The images that we feature here today are few in number but, to our knowledge, have not been previously published (with the exception of the large grouping of Lima eight escudos, which was our Treasure of the Month for August 2017). Part 1 consists of 8 escudo gold coins from the Lima, Peru and Mexico City mints. Later posts will feature other denominations ranging from 1 to 4 escudos.




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