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Historical Images from 1715 Fleet Gold Coins, Part 1… Eight Escudos

As a follow up to our previous posting in October 2017 titled Historical Images from the 1715 Fleet, we presented a number of images that we recently recovered from a large collection of documents and related material that was purchased by the Society a number of months ago. There we featured artifacts that were recovered

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Treasure of the Month – July 2016

Last month, we searched the State of Florida Collection of Mexico City eight reales, looking for the one coin that stood out as exhibiting the best full and complete 1715 date. For July’s Treasure of the Month, we decided to do a parallel search. In the Florida State Collection of Mexico City eight escudos, we

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1715 Fleet Society Treasure of the Month 2015

Treasure of the Month – March 2015

The Treasure of the Month for March 2015 is this sharp little bracelet consisting of a replica of a Mexico eight escudos gold piece, and four Mexico silver reales. This bracelet was formerly owned by an employee of the Real Eight Company who acquired it in the early 1970s. It has been in her possession

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Numismatic Legacy of the 1715 Plate Fleet

This article, by Phil Flemming and Ben Costello, was published in the January 2015 edition of The Numismatist, and the full text of the article is included below. Three hundred years ago, a Spanish treasure fleet was lost in the waters off Florida’s eastern coast. Over the last five decades, salvage operations on known wreck

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DATELINE: Washington, Pennsylvania

Recently, the Fleet Society was privileged to receive several photographs depicting an advanced collection of silver and gold coins from the 1715 Fleet. The first photograph we received depicted a “run” of Mexico silver 8 Reales from 1701 to 1715 (with the exception of 1705). The obverse and reverse of these coins are seen in

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