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April 2018 Treasure of the Month

It’s no secret that we have an ongoing fascination with EO’s (encrusted objects). To us these items have a certain charisma. Our Treasure of the Month for April is a prime example of this charm. This 14 coin aggregate ( informally referred to as a “clump”) weighs in at a respectable 185 grams and is 2”wide,  2 ¾ “ long and 1 ½” thick. Consisting of 1 eight reales and 13 four reales, these coins show none of the ocean corrosion that is so commonly found on many other sea salvaged silver coins. It is, indeed, an impressive specimen. Fortunately, the current owner was able to give us a little background on the history of this aggregate.

It appears that in the early 60’s the original owner (who worked for Bendix Corporation) was approached by Kip Wagner who was looking for investors to finance a salvage operation.(Wagner, at the time, was President of the Real Eight Company). The investment was paid back in the form of salvaged coins and several aggregates. Our featured treasure is one of those aggregates. The current owner acquired this item from the family of the original owner in 2015.

In addition to some background information, we were also provided with pictures of what the original aggregate looked like before, during and after conservation.

This image depicts the aggregate in its original state of preservation.
Aggregate in early stage of conservation
Aggregate after conservation

Other EO’s were previously featured in February 2012, May 2014, January 2015, February 2015, and October 2015.


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