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May 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our passion for EOs (encrusted objects) continues with our Treasure of the Month for May. In the past we have featured numerous EOs, including silver wedges, individual coins, coin clumps (or aggregates), and non-coin-related items (like a sword and a copper disk).

This month we have somewhat of a mystery object. Weighing about six pounds, our EO is 8 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 4½ inches high. It once contained an iron spike, which has long since corroded away. But what other treasures does this EO hold? It is obvious by its weight and shape that there are other prizes hidden within the main mass. Bolts? Coins? Gems? Seashells? Who can tell? The only method available to us (other than breaking it open) is an X-ray, which is an option.

Top View
Bottom View

Despite the mystery surrounding this object, it is beautiful in its own right. Consisting of ocean deposits, shells, and various colored sands of red, brown, tan, and gray, our featured item reminds us that nature has its own way of dealing with treasure, taking what is man made and creating its own thing of beauty.

Close up of ocean deposits
What was once a spike.

For some other interesting EOs, see our Treasures of the Month for February 2012 (forty-coin clump), February 2015 (one-hundred-coin clump), January 2015 (sword), May 2014 (bell metal), October 2015 (fifty-four-coin clump), April 2018 (small coin clump), May 2020 (twelve-coin clump), March 2021 (huge coin clump from the State of Florida Collection), November 2021 (large silver wedge), and January 2022 (encrusted coins).

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