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Each month, Fleet Society Directors feature one treasure piece of special significance to the 1715 Fleet.


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November 2013 Treasure of the Month

The Treasure of the Month for November is a group of religious items consisting of a cross, a crucifix and a medallion. Unlike many gold and gem-studded religious artifacts, these are made of bronze. Nevertheless,...

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September 2013 Treasure of the Month

A decades old auction has provided us with September’s Treasure of the Month. In October 1965, French’s Numismatic Auctioneers and Dealers conducted its eighty-seventh sale in Richmond, Virginia. Held in conjunction with the now defunct...

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August 2013 Treasure of the Month

The Treasure of the Month for August is a display featuring silver coins and other artifacts from the State of Florida Collection. In the picture above are numerous silver coins, silver wedges, and ballast stones....

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July 2013 Treasure of the Month

July’s Treasure of the Month features one of the most recognized and revered artifacts ever associated with the 1715 Fleet: The Dragon Whistle. Although it has been alleged that this item was made for the...

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June 2013 Featured Treasure

June’s featured treasure is a 1695 VR eight reales coin from the Spanish colonial mint at Potosí. It’s shown in two states: to the left as found, with green oxidation and coral deposits, and to...

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May 2013 Treasure of the Month

Since May is the month of flowers we thought we would use this bouquet of Fleet gold and silver as our Treasure of the Month. Our little grouping is sprinkled with green emeralds, which contrast...

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April 2013 Treasure of the Month

This month we are honored to feature the above (17)15-dated Mexico eight reales as our Treasure of the Month. This coin is special because it has a Hollywood history. It was showcased in a segment...

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March 2013 Treasure of the Month

March’s Treasure of the Month proves that not all treasure comes in the form of gold, silver, or jewels. This month’s offering is a “gem” of a find. Upon close inspection it does not appear...

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February 2013 Treasure of the Month

February’s treasure of the month is a unique golden crucifix that was brought to our attention by a visitor at the recent FUN (Florida United Numismatists) Show in Orlando. He told us this incredible story....

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December 2012 Treasure of the Month

December’s Treasure of the Month consists of two jewelry pieces found in 1992 by Bob “Frogfoot” Weller’s crew not far from Kip Wagner’s cabin near Sebastian, Florida. According to Margaret Weller, Bob’s widow, the piece...

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September 2012 Treasure of the Month

Our featured Treasure of the Month is an intimate group of five Mexican eight reales from the Spanish colonial mind at Mexico City. These coins display the prominent hammer marks or faceting blows, that are...

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July 2012 Treasure of the Month

July 31, 2012 is Fleet Day and will mark the 297th anniversary of the 1715 Fleet disaster. But July 31st also marks another important but lesser-known Fleet anniversary. On July 31, 1992, the late Captain...

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June 2012 Treasure of the Month

June’s Treasure of the Month is an assortment of spectacular jewelry items from an old collection that was recently brought to our attention. The owner of these pieces very graciously allowed us to photograph them...

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May 2012 Treasure of the Month

“THE GREATEST COIN RECOVERED FROM THE 1715 FLEET” Mr. and Mrs. Lucky had been coming to Florida’s Treasure Coast for a few years, and they dabbled in a pastime here known as metal-detecting. Escaping the...

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April 2012 Treasure of the Month

Without the recoveries from the 1715 Fleet, our knowledge of Carlos II (1666-1700) Lima escudos would be minimal and fragmentary. Here is a great example. Before 1964 no Lima four escudos were known for most...

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